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Jul 7, 2017

Description: We talk to the award-winning sci-fi author about his new book, New York 2140.

Jun 29, 2017

It's the 10th anniversary of the iPhone! Motherboard's Jason Koebler talks to Brian Merchant, author of The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone, about how Apple's most groundbreaking products changed our lives.

Jun 22, 2017

Motherboard has a change in management! Starting today, Jason Koebler is taking over the keys to this website as its new editor-in-chief. To set a course for the future of the site, he sat down with Derek Mead—who had been running Motherboard for the last four years—to record a podcast about where we’re going as a media outlet and where humanity is going, more generally.

Jun 5, 2017
Radio Motherboard talks time travel, sound tech, and why we're all living in the Grateful Dead's future, with Amir Bar-Lev, director of the new Martin Scorsese-produced documentary about the band.
Apr 24, 2017

A mystery is only as good as its solution…at least, that’s what host Kaleigh Rogers believes. Science Solved It is a new weekly show from Motherboard that introduces listeners to the world’s greatest mysteries that were solved by science, with insight from the actual researchers who cracked the case. We cover everything from strange, underwater noises to cartoons that give people seizures, all with a satisfying scientific solution at the end. Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite app or on iTunes:

Apr 18, 2017

We'll be back with a new episode tomorrow, but in the meantime, please vote for Motherboard in the Webbys: ... Then tweet at us telling us you voted (@jason_koebler or @motherboard), and we'll select one person to come on a future episode of the show to talk about whatever they want. 



Apr 13, 2017

Have you ever tried a digital detox? Or spending less time on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit? Kenneth Goldsmith definitely hasn't. He's a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches a class called "Wasting Time on the Internet." What started as an exploration of how we spend time online quickly became something of an art project—students shared their passwords, deleted files at random off their classmates' computers, and started impromptu dance parties. Goldsmith tells us why it's OK to spend all day looking at your phone or aimlessly browsing through Reddit. It's just human nature.


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Mar 30, 2017

Congress just voted to repeal the FCC's privacy rules that prevent your internet provider from selling your personal data to the highest bidder. Last week, Radio Motherboard talked to Mignon Clyburn—the only Democrat on the commission—who is still fighting to protect your privacy. 

Motherboard Contributing Editor Sam Gustin and Senior Staff Writer Jason Koebler spoke with Clyburn about privacy, net neutrality, broadband access and competition, the future of the FCC, and what it means to resist President Trump from within the executive branch.

Mar 3, 2017

Radio Motherboard talks to Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, and Gay Gordon-Byrne, executive director of about legislation that is moving through eight states that would require electronics manufacturers to enable you to fix your things. The bills have been intensely opposed by companies like Apple, IBM, John Deere, and dozens of other gigantic corporations.

If you're here, you might want to check out "pluspluspodcast," a new podcast from Motherboard that takes you on the road with our reporters:



Mar 2, 2017

Motherboard is launching a brand new show!

This is a preview for "pluspluspodcast," a fully produced, documentary-style show that takes you on the road with Motherboard reporters as we meet with the people who are helping shape our shared, crazy future. In season one, we'll go to India, Canada, and all over the United States to talk to hackers, scientists, activists, and gun nuts. 

You can find the feed on any podcast app—it's "pluspluspodcast," all one word and spelled out. Here's a link:

Feb 15, 2017

Radio Motherboard's first ever LIVE EPISODE! On February 12, the Radio Motherboard crew recorded a podcast in front of a live audience at the Work x Work On Air festival. We talked about what it means to be vigilant in Trump's America and discussed how Motherboard and the general populous can defend the future from an administration that seems hellbent on stunting progress. Also, a helpful audience member explains why you should always use encrypted chat with your drug dealers.


Special thanks to Brooklyn's Wythe Hotel and work x work ON AIR, a pop up live streaming radio lounge that explored creativity and storytelling. Check out more at

Feb 12, 2017

The internet of things, End User License Agreements, and Digital Rights Management are increasingly being used to give electronics manufacturers control and ownership over your stuff even after you buy it. Radio Motherboard talks to Aaron Perzanowski and Jason Schultz, authors of The End of Ownership about what we stand to lose when our songs, movies, tractors, and even our coffee makers serve another master. 

Jan 31, 2017

Radio Motherboard discusses the extent that memes have taken over political discourse with Ryan Milner, a College of Charleston assistant professor who wrote his PhD. dissertation on memetics. We also discuss the idea of meme warfare, meme insurgency, and meme use by nation states. Milner is the author of World Made Meme, published by MIT Press.

Jan 19, 2017

A preview for the new Nintendo Switch has brought us to the startling realization that Super Mario is not a homo sapien. On this episode, we discuss the geographic location of the Mushroom Kingdom and how excited we should be for Nintendo’s new console. Waypoint managing editor Danielle Riendeau and Motherboard contributor Zack Kotzer join the discussion—listen to Waypoint Radio wherever you get your podcasts.

Jan 12, 2017

Dozens of scientists working at schools like the University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon, the University of Toronto, and a handful of others are frantically working on a series of projects to preserve government science from alteration or deletion under the Donald Trump administration. 

In this episode, we’ll be checking in with Nick Shapiro and Bethany Wiggin, who are organizing efforts to download and rehost vital climate change data before Trump takes office.

Dec 23, 2016

Diabetes is usually considered a disease of excess—so why are so many starving people in India getting it?

Dec 13, 2016

Like much of America, we are big fans of HBO's 'Westworld,' but not because of the science in the show. To be honest, the show doesn't really bother trying to explain how its hosts work, but in doing so, it allows the show to ask some of the big ethical questions associated with artificial intelligence and our pursuit of the singularity.

Radio Motherboard talks to Facebook AI researcher Antoine Bordes about where we are in the development of artificial intelligence right now, and the show brings back our former managing editor Adrianne Jeffries (hi Adrianne!), who now runs our favorite Westworld podcast, called "Out West," over at her lovely new website The Outline.

Listen to Out West:

And check out The Outline:


Dec 13, 2016

Radio Motherboard was recently down for a few days because we migrated our feed to a new address. If you have had trouble getting this through any of your apps, please change the feed to:

Also: We are beginning an every Tuesday publishing schedule starting now.

Thank you for listening!

Dec 6, 2016

Motherboard takes a trip to Biofabricate, a synthetic biology conference at the Parsons School of Design. We talk to Aaron Nesser and Kenji Higashi, two entrepreneurs who are hoping that fibers made of spider silk and alginate could help clean up our disastrous fashion industry.

Nov 18, 2016

Motherboard's writers, editors, and contributors have spent the last week talking to activists, researchers, and policy makers about the powers that Donald Trump will inherit when he takes power in January. There's little sense in speculating about what Trump will do when he takes office, but it's important to understand the powers he will have to affect things like climate change, energy policy, surveillance, cybersecurity, and the other things Motherboard holds dear.


Credits for this episode:

Host/producer: Jason Koebler

Editor: Tim Barnes

Space/NASA: Becky Ferreira 

Border, immigration, and drug trafficking: Brian Anderson

Trade: Nicholas Deleon

Energy and Climate: Sarah Emerson

Vaping: Kaleigh Rogers

Health: Ankita Rao

Hacking and Cybersecurity: Lorenzo FB

Privacy: Joseph Cox

Drones: Ben Sullivan


Nov 14, 2016

We couldn't ignore the fact that an impending Trump presidency feels like a Black Mirror episode. We discuss his campaign and the election through the lens of Black Mirror, and discuss 'San Junipero,' 'Men Against Fire,' and 'Hated in the Nation.'

Nov 4, 2016

We’ve always sort of called Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror” the Motherboard show, because while we love tech, we’re probably a bit more wary of its ability to lean dystopian than your average tech publication. So this week and next, we’re going to be talking about the new season of Black Mirror on Netflix.

Today, we’re going to be talking about what the first three episodes—Nosedive, Playtest, and Shut Up and Dance say about our culture. Next week, we’ll be back talking about the end of the season—San Junipero, Men Against Fire, and Hated in the Nation. This week’s episode has spoilers for the first three episodes and some light discussion of the first season episode “Fifteen Million Merits.”

Oct 28, 2016

Werner Herzog doesn’t care what you think about him, about his mythos. He does care about myth, the stories people tell and why. His newest movie, "Into The Inferno," in which he tours six active volcanoes around the world, is as much about the culture and beliefs that surround volcanoes as it is about the science. Editor Alex Pasternack speaks with Herzog about his filmmaking, science and scientists, distributing his film through Netflix, and police body cameras. Read more at Motherboard:

Oct 21, 2016

'Berlin Station' is a new spy drama/thriller from the cable network EPIX, which focuses on a leak of classified information at the titular CIA office, and the agents tracking it down. Motherboard spoke to series writers Brad Winters and Larry Cohen, who also worked together on a separate project: a graphic novel series called 'Americatown' about a near-future dystopia where Americans are the immigrants.

Oct 15, 2016

Tens of thousands of iPhone 6 Plus phones have been spontaneously losing their touchscreen capability because of an engineering flaw, but Apple still won't admit there's a problem. Motherboard spoke to Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, about what's causing the issue and what Apple should do about it. We also talk with an Apple Genius about your options if you have a phone with the problem. 

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